Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement

At the time of the conclusion of the contract, the authorization orders in question provided the Authority and set the conditions for Dja Dja Wurrung to hunt, fish and collect on kronland for traditional purposes. In recent amendments to the Traditional Owner Act, licensing orders have been replaced by the Natural Resources Agreement, which gives traditional owners the right to carry out agreed-upon activities on public spaces on contractual territory. A common management plan has the potential to include water. However, even if included in such a plan, the Water Act of 1989 (Vic) [footnote 116] does not require decision-makers (acting under the Water Act) to implement common management plans. [Note 117] This contrasts with amendments to other Victorian statutes that require that the management of lands under a common management plan not be incompatible with this plan: including the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 (Vic), Forests Act 1958 (Vic), Land Act 1958 (Vic), National Parks Act 1975 (Vic) and Wildlife Act 1975 (Vic). [Note 118] This is the only omission of its kind and one legal counsel argued that it is „an intention to minimize legislative recognition of the participation of traditional owners in water management.” [Note 119] The transaction contract benefits all Victorians by investing in the building blocks of land administration and in Part A – „right” traditional ownership group for the country; and the agreement does not affect property rights. It covers the public areas of the Region and the waters of the region of the agreement only. In all cases, parks and reserves continue to be managed under the same Law of Parliament as they are reserved, but they are also subject to a common management plan developed by the traditional proprietary-country management committee. Following a public consultation, the Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Change is reviewing the Council`s plan. The Minister`s agreement is required before the plan comes into force.

This cooperative management agreement applies to Budj-Bim National Park, recognized as part of a national certificate of approval of the title, and has established the Budj Bim Council to advise the state in the management of the agreement`s territory. As part of the colony, the state entered into a co-operational management agreement for Mt Eccles National Park in South West Victoria. The agreement creates the Budj Bim Council, a land management board that makes recommendations to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change on the management of Mt Eccles National Park. Common management is a legal agreement between the state and traditional owners.

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