Us Korea Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin Form

You can also request a prejudicial referral for the HTS classification and other matters relating to your import products. It is the responsibility of the Korean importer to apply for a preferential rate negotiated by the ESTV for qualified products. However, the Importer, Customs Broker or Korean Customs Service may ask the exporter or producer to provide a written or electronic certificate or other information in support of the importer`s debt. The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, sometimes called KORUS, came into force on May 15, 2012. Like most U.S. free trade agreements, with the exception of NAFTA, the onus is on the importer for the use of preferential treatment. However, for most years, the information needed to support the application must be provided by the manufacturer or exporter of the products. The USTR website contains various product and sector fact sheets and Q-As on agreements and we have created a website and email address for your requests: and Certification can be completed on the basis of the manufacturer`s or exporter`s knowledge that the product originated; or, for the exporter, a reasonable confidence in the manufacturer`s written or electronic certification certifying that the product is produced. In some cases, even if your importer will not use the FREI sales right, they may ask you to provide information that documents the origin of your product. Although there is no form required for the certificate of origin, the minimum items must be included: USITC Publication 4308: This publication contains changes to the HTSUS, the duty phase-out Schedule and other important information. This document contains the most important information contained in General Notes 33 and 19 of the HTSUS R subsection. Another possibility of emulating tariffs under the free trade agreement is to examine the final text of the agreement.

On the USTR website, you will find under the heading „Final Text” two tariff plans, one for products going to Korea and the other for products arriving in the United States. The importing country or importer may need additional information beyond these specifics and the Korean Customs Service has established an optional form. Please note that the Korean Customs Service does not impose a specific certificate of origin in accordance with KORUS and does not impose a form or format required for the certificate of origin. U.S. exporters or producers should be informed that, as long as you provide the necessary elements to obtain certification, you do not need to use the korean Customs Certificate or a mandatory Korean government form, although you are free to do so.

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